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Eibel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of Flexible Fuel Lines, used with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Located in the Rhine/Mosel Valley of Germany, the company was founded by the Eibel family in 1967. Eibel’s specialized products have forged an excellent reputation in the European heating industry, allowing the company to become a supplier to all major Original Equipment Manufacturers. Many boilers and burners sold in the US come with Eibel Flexlines.

Why Flexlines?
Over the last decade, Flexible Fuel Lines have become increasingly popular with the introduction of swing doors to boilers and furnaces. Thanks to Flexlines, swing doors can be opened and closed without having to disassemble and reassemble solid fuel lines, which cuts maintenance time in half.


The Material
The inside lining is made of Perbunan, an oil resistant synthetic rubber. The outside braid is made of galvanized soft steel, or as an alternative option, stainless steel.

Operating Limits
Eibel Flexlines have been designed for use with Fuel Oil #2, for an operating pressure of up to 145 psi and an operating temperature of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The standard ID is 8 mm (5/16”) that will handle up to 15 GpH at a fuel oil velocity of 1 ft/sec.
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