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HEATLINES LLC. is an Importer of Quality European Heating Products.

Welcome to HeatLines, LLC!

We import quality European hydronic heating products for the US and Canadian market.  HeatLines is the exclusive importer of Purmo Dianorm radiators and towel warmers, as well as Eibel flexible fuel lines. Our other product lines include Maxifold manifolds for below floor radiant heat, as well as Heimeier accessories needed for the installation of our products  (thermostatic heads, valves, and other heating accessories).

If you do not see what you need listed on our website, contact us. Most of the products made by our European partners can be special ordered through HeatLines!

NEW PRODUCTS! Just added to our inventory!

Purmo Dianorm Ventil Compact Radiators 8”

Available in the following lengths: 48”, 64”, and 72”
These are perfect for the customer who likes the low profile of fin-tube baseboard, yet wants the superior comfort and quality of radiant heat!

Heimeier Thermostatic Heads: Here are some new heads for special applications, giving your customer more choices at competitive prices!

Thermostatic Head “K” (part #6020-00.500)
The Type “K” Heimeier liquid-filled thermostat is designed for use in public buildings offering theft protection using a security ring. Markings indicate upper and lower temperature range;
two energy saving clips can be used to limit settings. White cover. Designed to be mounted on all Heimeier thermostatic bodies and radiators with integrated valves which have an M 30 x 1.5 thermostatic insert.
Thermostatic Head “VDX” (part #6740-00.500)
The VDX combines perfected technology with contemporary design. For installation on radiators with integrated valves with M 30 x 1.5 connecting threads on the thermostatic insert. Its new construction blends harmoniously with the radiator, creating a single integrated unit.

Manual Adjusters Knobs for Radiators (part #2001)
This is a hand regulating cap for all Heimeier thermostatic valve bodies, designed for manual adjustment of radiator valve when a thermostatic head is not used. White

PURMO DIANORM is synonymous with high-quality products and modern manufacturing methods complying with ISO 9002. We carry PURMO DiaNorm Radiators and Towel Warmers.
You will find this kind of room heating in 80 % of Western European homes. On the market for over 50 years, it combines comfortable radiant heat with individual room temperature control. Each radiator is its own “zone”. Compared to baseboard heating, it takes up to 75% less wall space.
In short: Panel radiators mean more comfort, less wall space plus individual room temperature control.

EIBEL - Ing. Karl Eibel GmbH is Europe’s leading manufacturer of Flexible Fuel Lines, used with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Located in the Rhine/Mosel Valley of Germany, the company was founded by the Eibel family in 1967. Eibel’s specialized products have forged an excellent reputation in the European heating industry, allowing the company to become a supplier to all major Original Equipment Manufacturers. Many boilers and burners sold in the US come with Eibel Flexlines.

Maxifold Stainless Steel Manifolds are the ideal choice for use in closed loop hydronic under floor heating and snow melting systems. Made in Germany, the Maxifold provides a compact and attractive overall design as well as a 50% larger diameter than most comparable manifolds on the market. Maximum comfort. Maximum quality. MAXIFOLD.

HeatLines has several stocking representatives across the US. Please feel free to contact us to find the distributor nearest to you or if your company is interested in stocking our products.

For further information, pricing, availability and information on how you can become a distributor, please contact Heatlines LLC by calling 603.437.1667 or e-mailing heatlines@comcast.net.

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